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Operations Manager

Join Skeptoid Media, one of the world's leading science nonprofits, in new role commensurate with the organization's rapid growth. As a prominent leader and Skeptoid's first operations manager, you will help build operations for future-oriented expansion concerning both staffing acquisition and audience expansion.

You will join a dynamic team, bringing your innovation, organizational and relationships management skills, and strategic vision to ensure charted growth. You will partner directly with Director of Programming and Founder, Brian Dunning, working predominantly from Skeptoid's headquarters in stunning Bend, Oregon.

To submit interest or inquiries, please email Ronnie Plasters: All interested applicants should provide a cover letter and resume, detailing experience with operations management that includes financial acumen, team member inspiration, and senior-level engagement.

About Skeptoid Media

Inspirational Leadership The OM leads by example and empowers all members of Skeptoid's community to participate with clarity and appropriate resource allocation and utilization. They directly manage all non-programming staff and serve as the liaison to the board of directors. In addition, they are the primary leader for all volunteer and donor experiences, often mediated through fellow team members or non-staff leaders. The goal of their leadership is not just management, but empowerment. The OM is effective if they help all members manifest their inherent talents while guiding them to resources that help grow their efficacy and contributions. Further, the OM fosters continual dialogue and intentional collaboration, directing weekly team gatherings, overseeing conflict resolution, and ensuring professional joy for all Skeptoid's community.
Finance Critical to Skeptoid's success is detailed, accurate finances. The OM maintains primary responsibility for the organizational budget. They ensure board approval for the annual budget and track progress (actuals vs projected) on at least a monthly basis. Moreover, they retain awareness of expenditures, approving and monitoring organizational spending in alignment with approved goals and objectives. They also ensure annual audits and oversee appropriate, timely, and accurate federal/state reporting. Finally, they research and evaluate annually the organization's insurance policies, ensuring accurate coverage.
Human Resources As a growing organization, the OM's research and implementation of team member benefits remains vital. In additional to long term and ongoing human services, the OM ensures accurate and timely biweekly payroll. They also serve as the key human resources officer of the organization, answering questions, directing onboarding, and ensuring fiscal compliance. They invite other team members into creating an inviting workplace by ensuring that each member serves with foundational knowledge and ongoing training.
Programming The OM will maintain awareness of programming and provide insights into possible programming as ideas may impact budgeting, legal compliance, or staffing needs. In this way, the OM partners with programmatic leaders to provide critical collaboration around the execution of proposed activities.
Community Engagement The OM exists as a leader in Skeptoid's local community of Bend, OR, while working to build their virtual presence due to the nature of Skeptoid's globally virtual audience. They will support events meant to engage current and prospective members as well as attend functions that build their prowess within the industry. The OM remains aware of industry trends that empowers them to lead with an awareness of the larger field and in concert with the Senior Creative Director.
Fundraising Management The OM ensures donors are stewarded and appropriately solicited, either via their own efforts or with appropriate staff/volunteer support. This essential area of influence allows the OM to maintain strong fiscal support from Skeptoid's current audience while expanding audiences of the future. These tasks may include data entry and management, annual reporting, stewardship, solicitation, and donor relationship management. Most importantly, the OM ensure the board is appropriately generous with their time, fiscal support, and ambassadorship.

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