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We are our programming. Skeptoid Media programs are fun, entertaining, and designed to produce measurable educational results.

Project Description

Skeptoid Podcast
DonateThe original award-winning production of Skeptoid Media, the Skeptoid podcast is produced by Brian Dunning. Each weekly episode takes an insightful look at some pop-culture phenomenon for which there is more interesting underlying science or true history. It entertains and informs while instilling the principles of critical thinking and scientific skepticism. The show is live and has been in weekly production and a category-leading show internationally since October 2006, with 945 episodes so far. Support

The UFO Movie
The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See is a feature documentary film that has won Best Documentary at multiple film festivals and was showcased by the SETI Institute. It teaches astronomy using the public interest in UFOs as a springboard to show what's true and what's not. The film is currently in limited release, with more streaming options coming soon. It is available for free to all educational institutions with companion teaching materials in development. Website

The Outpost
The Outpost is what happens when a comic con meets a science fair and sets up shop at the intersection of popular culture and science literacy. The Outpost is a dedicated point in spacetime where concepts in science, tech, and the arts commingle, incubate, and spark something new. A convention for curiosity seekers, entertainers, artists, scientists, educators and fans, The Outpost is where we go to talk about the world we live in and the world we'll be living in next. Website

The Feeding Tube
This video series debunks popular food myths, which are one of the most pervasive pseudosciences. The Internet and conventional media are saturated with unscientific food claims -- certain foods are toxic, certain foods are miraculous — with virtually no sound science to counter it. The show was launched in October 2015 and is currently live and in active production. Support
inFact Video Short, free YouTube videos giving a bite-sized snippet of science to combat pop pseudoscience. The show is live and has been in production as funding is available since January 2010. All 52 episodes produced so far are free and many are used in classrooms. Support

Nerd Night
Nerd Night is a monthly local meetup that we run here in Bend, OR. Always free and always fun, they bring together science enthusiasts, those interested in fostering critical thinking and skeptical inquiry, and people who just want to explore something new. They are designed to promote dialog and learning in a casual setting, and make science fun! Regular monthly events include science trivia nights and special guest speakers. Facebook page



Please enjoy some of our completed work:

Project Description

Science Friction
This feature-length documentary film reveals the deceptive editing and misquoting of scientists and other experts that we see all too often in the media. The film is available on most major streaming services. Director: Emery Emery | Website

Principles of Curiosity
This classroom-length sequel to Here Be Dragons comes with accompanying free lesson plans and educational materials for high school through college. Watch it now! Director: Ryan Johnson

The free companion educational materials are used in hundreds of schools worldwide.

Skeptoid (Chinese)
A Chinese language version of the Skeptoid podcast. Mandarin Chinese are the world's largest non-English speaking population, and both critical thinking and scientific skepticism are in short supply inside China.
Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons
A 40-minute classroom documentary film describing the basics of scientific skepticism and critical thinking.

Live and available for free under a Creative Commons license. Used in many educational institutions.
The Skeptologists
The Skeptologists
A pilot for a prime-time network television show, where the team of STEM superheros rushes to the scene of the pseudoscience to debunk and illuminate.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts
A pilot for a web series, available at A fast-paced, fun look pairing a skeptic and a believer experimenting with some of the hot pseudosciences of the day.

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